The Issues We Faced

This community space was located on the main floor of an apartment building. Since it was constructed it hadn’t seen any love and was in desperate need of an update!

Inside the community space was a tiny kitchen and a bar area. They wanted the wall broken down between the two rooms and the space better utilized. The ceiling was also needing replacement as it was showing its age.

In addition to the community space, we were asked to update two bathrooms which were dark and dingy.

Why Suite Home Renos?

Suite Home Reno’s has updated a lot of kitchens in the past. We knew this to be a unique challenge for us as we hadn’t up to this point done an install of a commercial grade sinks or a T-Bar ceiling of this size. We also would need to source a stainless steel surround for around the sink area.

Also to add to the challenges, we were under a tight timeline and had less than a month before the place needed to be used again. So decisions with the client needed to be made quickly. Why Suite Home Renos? Because we could get the job done of course 🙂

The Solution

Once the plan was established the job was executed rapidly. The community space had each cabinet full to the brim of their random stuff. We were asked to pack up and move all of their items. We carefully packed up the items and moved them to a safe space. Our client was very appreciative of the service we offered, as they didn’t have to even lift a finger.

The ceiling was removed in the matter of a few hours, the existing lighting grid was removed, the kitchen dismantled, joining wall removed, and the floor was prepared for the installation of a new floor. Over the course of a day we had the place transformed into a shell to then be rebuilt.

Over the course of two weeks we had the place painted, flooring installed, kitchen built and installed, new 2′ x 2′ ceiling put in, ventilation upgrade, and a metal gate for the food pass through built and put into place. Once the place was given the thumbs up we brought up all of the previous kitchen contents to be put into their new homes.

Once the upstairs kitchen and community center were completed, we found focused our attention on the downstairs bathrooms. These got a fresh coat of paint, lighting upgraded, vanities updated, and comfort height toilets installed. The guests who used the building now had a much nicer facility to use that wasn’t uncomfortable like the previous ones.

The job was done two weeks in advance of our deadline. That only happens when you have a crew who’s dedicated to completing a job on time. The community space was returned to a functioning state and everyone raved about how much nicer it was.

Challenges Overcome

  • Drywall repairs

  • Commercial grade loose lay vinyl flooring installed

  • T-Bar ceiling replaced

  • Painting throughout

  • Commercial grade three bowl stainless steel sink installed

  • Wrought iron gate fabricated and installed

  • Commercial grade stainless steel back splash around sink

  • New Ikea kitchen

  • Tile back splashes

  • Electrical upgrade throughout (switches, plugs, lighting)

  • HVAC venting upgraded and installed in kitchen

  • New toilets and vanities