Window replacement is the most important part of a home renovation. The windows you choose will influence air quality, energy efficiency, comfort, and safety. Luckily, there are many great options out there. At Suite Home Renovations, we work with all window types and materials but only made by reputable and trustworthy manufacturers.

Our team is certified and trained for window repair and installation. The wide range of skills enables us to adapt to every kind of situation. So whether you want to install basement egress windows or vintage bay ones, we’ve got your back!

Make sure you give us a call if you have any questions.


People usually install new windows either when they improve a certain area like the kitchen or when they purchase a new home. However, the right time for windows is entirely up to you! If you want to change the aesthetic of your property, adding new windows is a good start.

Remember that window replacement is also necessary when you notice damage and deterioration. An old metal framed window can increase your energy bills, decrease safety, and disrupt indoor temperatures.

Draftiness, cracks, rot, and leaks are common signs of damaged windows. If you notice any of them, make sure to give us a call! It’s better to solve the issues early on! This way you will avoid more complicated issues and expensive repairs.


The team at Suite Home Renovations is experienced and trained for window installation, repair, and removal. What makes us stand out among most window companies is that we really, really love home renovation.

Our team knows how important windows are to a property so we never let our clients down. All the materials we use are certified, energy efficient, and durable. Also, our team will never limit your needs and creativity. Our strong work ethic ensures that our clients always get the best windows for their homes.


As we mentioned, there are tons of great window options on the market. So not being able to decide is completely fine! In fact, it’s expected. As homeowners ourselves, we have also felt the excitement of choosing new replacement windows. Taking from our experience as experienced contractors and longtime property owners, we recommend choosing:

  • Casement or sliding for the kitchen
  • Awning for the bathroom
  • Basement egress windows for modernizing the basement
  • Bay, bow or double-hung for the family or entertainment area

Have in mind, these suggestions will vary depending on your property and needs. To get the best advice from us, feel free to give us a call and book a consultation. We have so much to share!


Our company’s work ethic is based on two main foundations: always prioritize the client and never work without a plan. We go through every detail before the installation process starts. Suite Home Renovations also has a deep understanding of Alberta’s building codes and regulations. This is a crucial aspect of every home renovation project.

Our team members follow safety and sanitary procedures which ensure a clean and carefree process for the property owners. We value the health and safety of our workers so on our team everybody is insured and kept safe during the job. Choosing us means you get access to:

  • Design and building advice from trained professionals
  • Experienced and certified contractors
  • 100% professional and honest assessments
  • Modern and high-quality materials
  • Green, energy-efficient solutions
  • Planning, blueprints and help with building permits