Decks & Fences

Beauty and functionality takes hard work and decks and fences are no exception! From using improper supports to purchasing the wrong materials, an amateur installation can cost homeowners thousands of dollars more than they expected.

As a team, we believe in detailed planning and never start a project without a blueprint. With our methods, we have successfully completed some very impressive decks and fences. Our team has the necessary experience to build them right, with the right materials and most importantly – with the permit application process. Our methods ensure a faster and care-free building process. 


Experienced renovation companies know that deck installation requires planning and patience. From small to massive and multi-tiered, our team has constructed all kinds of decks in the Calgary area.

There are three key steps in building your deck. 

  1. The first step is choosing the design. Apart from ideas and inspiration, a properly done blueprint is the first thing you need. Our plans will enable you to visualize the entire process and it will enable us to begin laying the foundation.  We ensure that everything is properly designed and based on accurate measurements. We never start building a deck with a “rough plan”. Instead we make sure every detail is thought through. 
  2. The second step is a laying a proper foundation. Using screw piles for large decks is what we prefer as it can be done quickly, accurately and without destroying your yard. This method does not require digging up your yard, and is highly recommended for those who want a peaceful and smooth construction process. The second step also needs careful planning as using improper foundation supports can be very costly and lead to sagging or dips.
  3. The last step is ensuring that your deck boards are properly installed. The very surface you walk on should have great care and attention paid to it. You want perfect joints that won’t shrink and pull apart. This step is where you can truly see the difference between an amateur and a professional installation.

High-quality decks can last for decades, poorly designed or constructed ones can lead to short lifespans, sagginess, and costly replacements. Contact us for your next deck renovation. The built decks by Suite Home Renovations will make you happy for years to come. 


Fence installation is one of the most common DIY projects. However, DIY fence installations can do a lot of harm to your yard and budget. If you don’t get it right the first time, expect to spend a lot of time and money fixing the mistakes.

Suite Home Renos has built various fences in the Calgary area. The homeowners we have helped have been nothing but satisfied as our methods and working process always ensure flawless design and installation. Here are the other benefits of choosing Suite Home Renovation for your next fence installation:

  • As with decks, we design and build fences based on accurate measurements and thorough planning. We also believe in high-quality work so we work according to high safety, quality and environmental standards.
  • The materials we recommend and work with last a lifetime. Composite or cedar fences are known as the best, however for more affordable options pressure treated wood is a good and affordable solution.
  • Last, but not least our team makes sure your needs are satisfied. We always prioritize the homeowners. Our advice is very honest and professional.

Contact us for your next fencing project. We would love to help you install the right fence for your home!