About Christopher

Chris didn’t start his life aiming to be in the construction industry. In fact Chris was a computer nerd sitting at desk building websites. After having had a lot of success working for some amazing companies, Chris felt stagnated and unfulfilled. Building websites was interesting to him, he soon realized he needed to build something else entirely.

In 2008 Chris made a significant change to his life by becoming a stay home dad. He quickly realized that was going to be a short lived experience as kids grow quickly. So he made the decision to get into Real Estate Investing. After building up an amazing base of properties, knowledge, and skills from renovating them. In 2015 he exited the Real Estate Investing world full time and instead switched to simply renovating for amazing people.

Years of owning his own businesses has challenged Chris in ways he wouldn’t have gained by working behind a desk. He is ever grateful to have made the switch and loves seeing projects come together. Chris is a husband to Geneva Robins, and father to Zane Calon.