Apart from increasing home value, curb appeal improvements are a great opportunity to create that perfect family household you always dreamed of. Based on ROI statistics and recent trends, we chose 7 upgrades that might benefit you and your family. Here is what we recommend:


Replacing the front door isn’t an expensive project, but it can add much more value than one might think. Let’s face it – first impressions matter! And there isn’t a more inviting element than a wonderfully designed and decorated front door.

Extra tips: Look for high-quality materials that will keep you and your family safe. Depending on your home’s style, we recommend vinyl, steel, or wood. Besides being durable, these materials also offer a unique aesthetic.


Changing the exterior of your home can instantly improve the ROI of your home. As our portfolio shows, we have worked with vinyl, wood, stucco, cement board (Hardie), and stone. An easy and affordable option is to repaint the exterior if you can, but you can also opt for a full replacement. We recommend sticking to something that will be easy to maintain, is durable in the climate you live in, and suits the aesthetics of your neighborhood. Hardie board (or cement board) is something we get asked a lot about since they are becoming trendier and can quickly achieve the effect you are looking for. It’s a great solution and they have plenty of options!

Extra tips: Pick a material depending on the style, climate, and the building codes of the area. A good way to avoid trouble is to get expert advice before making a decision.


Expensive construction projects aren’t the only way to improve curb appeal. When we think of a house, the first thing that usually pops up in our minds is a colorful garden or front landscaping. Simply pruning the big evergreen in front of your house might make a huge difference.

Revamping the backyard is perfect for stretching your legs and spending some time with the family. Choose flowers and decorations that match the colors of your siding, porch, windows or doors. Color symmetry increases visual appeal and can easily attract future buyers.

Extra tip: Remember to regularly water the trees so they don’t damage your piping system while looking for extra water sources.


Beautiful homes attract a lot of curious neighbors. After a home improvement, expect questions like: “Where did you purchase that door?”, “What material did you use?”, “Why did you choose a metal roof?” and so on.

This is one reason why gates and fences are a good idea. They not only boost curb appeal but also enable you to enjoy your own private space. Along with saving you from a few headaches, it will make you appreciate the house even more.

Extra tips: Modern home buyers love properly secured homes. Choose fences that will complement your home’s style and provide you with enough safety and protection at the same time.


One of the most important elements of a house is the roof. It influences air quality, structural strength, energy bills, and home value. Truth is, the older the roof, the lesser chances of selling your home for an appropriate price. The most popular roofing ideas in 2020 are solar panels and, metal and terracotta shingles. The cheapest solution is often asphalt shingles and we install A LOT of them. They are at the right price point for a lot of our clients.

Extra tips: Weather is a large factor for a roof’s lifespan. Some materials work better in colder climates, some in warmer. If you make the right choice, the roof can last even up to 50 years, so make sure you consult with professional roofers before deciding. That being said do not use a cheap metal roof as they easily dent and with hail you’ll regret going with a cheap product.


Without a doubt, the most profitable curb appeal idea is renovating the porch, deck or patio. If you are on a tight budget, instead of a full replacement, you can opt for pressure cleaning, repainting, and small repairs. When increasing curb appeal, even the tiniest details matter!

But if your budget allows it, we recommend hardwood and exotic wood. Rustic and natural materials are very popular with modern buyers.

Extra tips: To make the most out of these additions, try to decorate them with appealing furniture, flowers and practical features (a barbecue, dining areas, an outdoor kitchen, hanging chairs, etc.)


Some people say that beauty lies in the details and we can’t agree more! Simple features like a doorknob, house numbers, or a mailbox can make a large difference for your home’s look. You can also choose more visible features like LED backyard lights, a front door canopy or a bench in the garden.

Home improvements are ideal for unleashing our creativity. But when we are in a creative mood, we tend to avoid simplicity and as a result, end up over-decorating our homes. To create a consistent look, it’s best to choose one style and a color palette with 3-4 complementary or contrasting colors.