Engaging the services of a professional contractor to handle the details of your home renovation can be a tough task. If you have issues based on trust for someone you are not sure of his expertise, this scenario could be more difficult.

Your home is your place of security where you feel comfortable, and it is crucial to hire the services of a professional to ensure your home deserves the best. You may have to talk to the contractor and ask these relevant questions before offering them the opportunity to work on your home. The questions you need to ask your renovator are as follows:

How long have their been in business?

Experience and reputation are critical elements you should check before hiring a contractor for the renovation of your home. You need to make inquiries about their experience, their previous job details, their business license and any certifications they might have. Such as mold or asbestos certifications.

If a renovator does not have the required certifications or belong to a professional agency that controls the activities of its members, it may not be a good idea to hire such a company to renovate your home.

Suite Home Renos knows from experience that the skills of a renovator aren’t something you only learn in a class room. On the job experience is where you run into situations that you need to be creative to solve.

Get a Timeline or Gantt Chart

One of the mistakes that must be avoided at all costs is the commencement of a project without having a proper schedule in place. Ensure your renovation project has a plan which comprises of the starting date and the ending date of the project as this will assist you in the tracking of the progress recorded on the project.

When you get the proper schedule from the renovator, it should inform you of the date that the project will start and also let you know when it will be roughly completed. This knowledge will also prevent you from spending more than the amount budgeted for the project.

This being said, we all know that there are certain things that may arise that a renovator has no control over. Such as materials being shipped, sickness, the schedule of sub-trades, and challenges that arise which the renovator begins work.

Use a mode of communication your familiar with

Contractors are known to be individuals with busy schedules, and most of their time spent on the construction site. In this 21st century, various means can be used to maintain effective communication with clients and this issue must be sorted out by both parties.

You need to ask the contractor the feasible communication plans utilized to send vital information to clients about the progress level of the job. You need to ask if they will be comfortable with sharing information through texting, phone calls, emails or other means.

Suite Home Renos knows first hand what it’s like to not be able to reach someone. It’s hard on us when our sub-trades don’t communicate with us, and it makes us look terrible in our clients eyes when we don’t have the answers we need. Communication is so key to this business.

Document Everything

Engage your prospective home renovator in a conversation to know the type of documentation that will be provided when the project is concluded. You need to make sure your contractor is willing to send any blueprints, plans, warranty documentation, photos and other necessary items.

Having a clear idea of the documents before the commencement of the project is right for you as it prevents conflicts. The contractor must release the manuals for all new appliances mounted in the home, but it is better to confirm from the professional renovator before engaging their services.

Use a proper contract, but understand things change!

Open communication is crucial and required to ensure both parties adhere strictly to their responsibilities as stated in the agreement. A written agreement seems to be the perfect solution for the prevention of disagreement that often occurs between the homeowner and the contractor who will handle the renovation project as the terms are outlined in the agreement.

Some unscrupulous companies often trick their clients into thinking that written contracts are not necessary but ensure all terms and conditions of the project are written in a document. When there is a written agreement in place, a foundation based on excellent communication and trust will be created between both parties.

Discuss the schedule and working days.

You need to ask the renovator what the project routine will be.  Understand the time that work will start and end on each day; ask if they will be working on various projects while working on your renovation or your project will be given total attention. You might also need to ask the company if it will be working on different facets of the renovation at the same time or emphasize on one section before moving to the next phase. If these questions can be adequately answered, you can be assured that the contractor will deliver a fantastic job.

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