While renovating your home you will always want the best for your money. You would hope this would be easy, but how do you find a contractor that you can trust? Before you go through the process of selecting a General Contractor, plan what you want to renovate so you can select the skill set needed for the job. Here are some simple tips in helping you find that contractor that will work best for you.

Do the Research

Part of finding your ideal contractor is inquiring. Ask your friends and families who have had their house done. Great contractors usually are not forgotten and carry through word of the mouth and you can see what they have done first hand. Another is research online websites like Kijiji.ca can help you find a contractor in your area. A good contractor will give references when asked, be sure to contact to contact past clients so that you can have feedback.

Have choices

When hiring a contractor don’t pick the first name you read.  You should have 3 or more to choose from. You should look at the accomplishments  and work that they have done. Is it the style or type of remodeling that you want done? When we were young buying candy from the candy store we wouldn’t grab the first ones we saw we choose  the sweetest and the best candy. Why shouldn’t you be doing the same when bigger things are at stake than candy? Having the option of more than 1 contractor to choose from lets you filter the best and you can it also allows you to compare the which is agreeable with your budget.

Don’t go underground

Underground renovating businesses that don’t respect the Canadian tax laws are not just hurting you but all Canadians.  Sure when you pay under the table you might save a few bucks, but you have no warranty on the job, no guarantee of quality work, and most of all you take the risk of the liability of an injury at your property. Haven’t you seen the news where countless people are taken for their money? Have you checked to see if they have a prepaid contractors license? Just because the price looks good, don’t go there.

Don’t be easily fooled

If you are just planning to renovate and someone comes to your door saying “They were in the area and they will give you a discount on your home” alarm bells should be ringing. There are a lot of contractors out there looking to take advantage of door-to-door repairs and ask for a deposit and never return. Also be aware of contractors asking for a “big deposit” to buy supplies and materials. Contractors should also have written contracts like ones from the CCDC.

Contractors should have a written contract

A contract in writing is a way for you to protect yourself  being liable to injuries in your home, damage to your house by the contractor, and damage to worker’s equipment. It can also assure you the quality of work you deserve.  The written contract should be a legal document once signed on the work to be done and the price for doing it. But before you sign on anything you should read and understand everything on the contract, if there are terms you don’t understand don’t hesitate to ask.

Picking the right contractor is right start to getting that home that you wanted. Remember that contractors that have been in business for a while now are that way for reason, there are a lot of contractors  out there and some don’t last long. So don’t pick one for the honest face or pleasant manner pick one for your home and the upgrade it needs.

Suite Home Renos has been in business since 2009 and has all documents, WCB, Insurance, and licenses it needs. Trust us to do your renovations!